7 Rules of Trade Show Etiquette

You want to make a splash and to be competitive during your trade show appearance but trade shows are not the Wild West. There are some rules that one must follow if one wishes to make the right impression on potential clients/connections. The following are commonsense booth etiquette tips that we hope will help you make each and every tradeshow appearance a success.

  • Set up your booth on time: Imagine the impression you will make on other attendees and potential leads by not setting up your booth on time. It will not be a good one. Leads will get the impression that your business is equally chaotic and disorganized. Start setting up things long before the venue opens its doors.
  • Don’t have a messy booth: A well organized, attractive booth is more functional and makes a positive impact on future clients. Our double deck displays are attractive and attention getting and will help you make that vital first impression on customers.
  • Avoid eating and drinking in your booth: Another thing that will give an equally bad impression on potential customers is eating in your booth. This gives clients the idea that you are too busy for them and that you take their presence lightly.
  • Be considerate of other vendors: Be considerate and remember that there are other vendors present at whatever show you attend. Keep your light and sound presentation at respectable levels and do not interfere with another vendor’s presentation to attendees.
  • Learn the prospect’s name: Let the potential customer know that you he/she is the object of your attention buy learning and using his/her name. You could lose a potential sale if he/she believes that you feel they are not important.
  • Stay out of other companies’ booths: This is rude, inconsiderate and as a practical matter sets up the opportunity for other vendors to do the same thing to you. Stick to your own display and your own customers.
  • Listen more and talk less: Finally, don’t overwhelm your prospects with a bunch of sales talk. Allow them to say what they want to say and actively listen.

In short, key contacts are often made at trade shows. They present an open microphone for your company to make its best case for itself. You should know how to turn off and on that mike. You can also help make that first impression of your company positive one by using a trade show exhibit rental Los Angeles from Pop Exhibits, Inc.   

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Preparing for Trade Show Emergencies

20x20 trade show booth

No matter how well you prepare for your show, there will always be unanticipated emergencies that come up. Here’s some items that could help you in a pinch when things don’t go quite according to plan. 

Staff & Personal items

Bottled water- bring your own is cheaper than buying water at the show 


Lint roller

Anti-bacterial hand gel & Hand lotion- to keep your hands moisturized and clean for all of those handshakes!

Breath mints

First-aid kit: pain relievers, band-aids, disinfectant, cotton pads, burn cream

Booth Maintenance Items & Tools

Clorox wipes, glass cleaner with rags and/or paper towels- have your staff avoid eating and drinking in your booth, but if a mess does occur it’s good to have something to clean it with.

Backup light bulbs

Duct tape- it’s a serious life-saver!


Packaging tape- for boxing smaller items during dismantle

Utility knife

Tape measure

Velcro- in case of graphics emergencies

Promotional items & Office Supplies

Staffer schedule/ contact info/ list of back-up staff members

Extra batteries if you use a wireless mouse or keyboard

Extra giveaway items- handy if demand is higher than expected

Stapler with extra staples/paper clips

Extra promotional literature and marketing materials

Business cards and business card holders if you have counter space

Pens, pencils, and highlighters

Notepads and post-its

Calculators — One per staff member. Everyone has calculators on their phones nowadays, but having an actual calculator looks more professional than whipping out a cell phone.

Hopefully many of these items don’t end up being necessary except to provide you some peace of mind. If you attend shows regularly it’s likely you have a similar list already. Make sure at the end of your show to make note of anything it would have been nice to have so that you can add it for next time!