One Exhibit, Multiple Sizes- Multi-Purpose Custom Exhibit Design

Trade show Exhibit Rental services in Las Vegas

If your company attends multiple shows/year, you might end up purchasing several kinds of exhibits for different types of events. For big shows you might have a large custom island exhibit while smaller shows require a 10×10 inline exhibit. It’s becoming more and more common, however for companies to request a Multi-purpose Custom exhibit design that’ll work for all or most of their shows.

A multi-purpose custom exhibit that can seamlessly transform from a 20×20 into a 10×20 or 10×10 inline is quite a design challenge. The designs need to be composed of components that are able to be used for the smaller size booths. Not only do they need to transform, but they need to be functional and aesthetically appealing in all forms. They also need to be upgradeable, hold up well to many uses and be used at many types of events. Phew!

In some cases it’s simple. A smartly designed large backwall can be broken down to function as a 10×10 or 10×20 exhibit. In other cases the designs need to be more clever.

Financial Benefits of Multi-Purpose Custom Exhibits

While the initial custom exhibit is typically a bit more expensive than a standard design, the versatility means big cost savings long-term. One quality Multi-purpose custom exhibit might cost around 100k, for example. But compared to purchasing separately a 10×10 for 25k, a 10×20 for 30k and an island for 80k you’re actually saving quite a bit. This is especially true if your needs remain relatively consistent and you can utilize the same design for a number of years.

Brand consistency

No matter the size show and booth you use, your look remains consistent with a multi-purpose custom exhibit. Since all were designed as a cohesive set you can insure that your colors, graphics and product displays remain consistent between trade shows.

Where to begin?

Start off by determining your trade show schedule and your planned booth sizes for those shows. Do you have any special requirements for certain shows? How long will the exhibit be used for? It also helps to define your marketing goals and figure out how your exhibit will help you reach those goals.

multi-purpose custom exhibit island
Island version
multi-purpose custom exhibit inline
10×20 version
multi-purpose custom exhibit 10x10
10×10 version

Double Deck Exhibits in Las Vegas & Beyond


This post was originally written prior to the onset of Covid but as trade shows are beginning to pick up speed again it seems like a good time to republish it. As this is written, the Mining Expo International 2021 is set to begin in Las Vegas and we have (3) Double Deck Exhibits in the show. It’s safe to say that in spite of it all the tide is turning.

So, obviously, we provide double deck exhibit rentals for shows in Las Vegas. Our Double Deck Exhibit rental program handles logistics, install & dismantle and help with pre-show project management. Our site has published pricing on a number of double deck designs. View our selection of pre-designed double deck kits, or give us a call to discuss your needs.

With turnkey pricing your costs for booth transportation and labor is included as a guaranteed price in our published website pricing. Whatever the cost is on your final Rental Proposal is what you’ll pay. Regardless of any hiccups on the show floor.

Our team and inventory are local so you’ll receive the best price possible. If you have more questions, we’ve already broken down the typical costs of a double deck as well as double deck booth benefits if you’re wondering if a double deck exhibit is right for your company.

A few of our Las Vegas Double Deck Exhibit rental kits

On our site you’ll find numerous double deck kits with published pricing. The items including in the pricing are spelled out clearly, and always include transportation and I & D. Custom elements will, of course, highly affect your final price. Items that’ll affect the price include graphics packages, furnishings, monitors, additional walls, etc. We’ll work within your budget to help provide you the best bang for your buck!

Each kit is meant to act as a starting point. We’ll help you figure out which size deck will work best for your needs then help you customize from there based on your budget. Once we’ve nailed down a design we’ll create a rendering with your companies colors/logo to help you visualize the end result. We’ll provide another rendering once graphics have been submitted. Our hope is that the final booth looks BETTER than the rendering!

Give us a call or email us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Exhibit Rentals for Summer 2019 Trade Shows

custom trade show exhibits

Are you exhibiting at a trade show this summer? We’d love to help! Here’s a list of some of the shows that are happening in standard rental cities. That means that our crew is local so your price will be as low as possible! Our rental program covers everything from 10 x 10 exhibits up to huge Double Deck Exhibits. All of our designs are completely customizable depending on your needs and budget. We’ll work with you to come up with a design that will function perfectly for you at your show.

Summer Trade Shows in standard rental venues

7/9/19 Semicon West ’19 in San Francisco

7/10/19 Icast ’19 in Orlando

7/14/19 Alzheimers disease conference ’19 in Los Angeles

7/17/19 AWFS ’19 in Las Vegas

7/17/19 FRSA ’19 in Orlando

7/21/19 IAVM ’19 in Chicago

7/23/19 International Bulk Wine & Spirits ’19 in San Francisco

7/28/19 Cosmoprof N A ’19 in Las Vegas

7/28/19 Face and Body Midwest ’19 in Chicago

7/28/19 Siggraph ’19 in Los Angeles

7/30/19 NACO’ 19 in Chicago

8/1/19 Southeast Bldg Conf ’19 in Orlando

8/3/19 GBTA ’19 in Chicago

8/4/19 Clinical Lab ’19 in Anaheim

8/4/19 FHCA ’19 in Orlando

8/7/19 SAAC ’19 in Long Beach

8/8/19 APA ’19 in Chicago

8/13/19 IGC ’19 in Chicago

8/15/19 FLC ’19 in Orlando

8/15/19 The NBM Show ’19 in Long Beach

8/18/19 CHI ’19 in Chicago

8/18/19 NTOA ’19 in Orlando

8/20/19 Superzoo ’19 in Las Vegas

8/21/19 Fl Realtors Expo ’19 in Orlando

8/22/19 FCA ’19 in Orlando

8/25/19 HR Florida ’19 in Orlando

8/25/19 ICSC Florida ’18 in Orlando

8/25/19 Western Foodsvc ’19 in Los Angeles

We hope to see you at one of these upcoming summer shows! All of the images below are rentals. You can learn more about renting an exhibit on our site or by viewing our post on exhibit rental terms & FAQs.