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Kit Is-236 Exhibit Rental

$40,000 range

Booth size: Variable, 20 x 40 as shown. From a design standpoint this booth has so many possibilities. Spread out into an even large space or substitute product displays in place of the work-stations. 

Height: 16′ to the top of the conference room. If you opt for an overhead sign (see pricing below) you’ll be even higher. 

Description:  This is an impressive booth. The foundation is the 16′ high enclosed, semi-private, walk-in conference room with impressive branding on all sides. This was designed for a company that presents their product through one on one presentations and, thus, the work-stations comprise a large portion of the space. The positive is that by adding or subtracting work-stations, this design will work in any number of booth sizes. 

A booth like this can work for anybody. Picture, for instance, golf carts in place of the work stations. 

Graphics represent a significant variable in the cost of most booth designs. Some exhibitors want every surface covered while others prefer a simpler look. Whatever you spend, as a service to our clients we’ll store them free of charge for your next show. We hope to be your exhibit supplier for all your shows in the U.S. so wherever the venue, we’ll get them there for you. The cost for your next show will be for the hardware only.


  •  Enclosed semi-private conference room
  • 8 Workstations with counters
  • 2 Large counters with locking storage
  • 4 Lounge Chairs
  • 1 Truss coffee table
  • Meeting table with 6 chairs in conference room
  • Shipping to and from the show
  • Installation
  • Dismantling


  • single or double sided workstations
  • freestanding counters
  • 26″ or 42″ LCD monitor
  • LCD or plasma mount
  • additional clamp-on lights
  • tables & chairs
  • freestanding counters
  • 20×20 carpet & pad

Not Included:

  • Drayage. This is a charge the show contractor charges to transport and store exhibit hardware.
  • Electrical order: You’ll place this through the show. A form should be in your show manual. It’s often labeled “FAQ sheet”.
  • Daily cleaning: This is optional, of course, but helps keep your booth looking fresh. We recommend it. This also is ordered through the show.
  • Sofas shown are not included but may be added- inquire for pricing

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