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Double Deck Exhibit Rentals [Designs]


We provided Double Deck Exhibit Rentals [and Sales] for 14 years. In 2007 decks were custom made and extremely expensive. P.O.P. Exhibits Inc. helped innovate, systemize and popularize these impressive exhibits making them more affordable for mid-sized businesses. We’re leaders in the industry, service oriented and have a track record to prove it!

Our Exhibit Clients

These prices are for frame of reference only. We have other deck sizes and options available. These are rental prices but all decks are also for sale.

17' x 26' - $68,000 to $111,950

17 x 26 Multi Story Exhibit for Orlando, FL
$111,950 with graphics, I & D
Cool New Trade Show Exhibit Design
2-Story Exhibit Booth 17' x 26'

Brand new design with cool overhead roof. 

9' x 26' - $56,000+

Double Deck Rental Designs [and sales]. I & D Included.

13' x 17' Deck - $43,750 +

Walk in closet behind stairs

13′ x 17′ decks provide you with more space to spread out and they still fit into a 20 x 20 booth. Visit the page for more info.

All of our Double Deck Exhibit Rental Designs include design modifications as needed, installation & dismantling!

9' x 13' Deck - $32,200 +

Top View of 9' x 13' Double Deck - P.O.P. Exhibits Inc.
9' x 13' deck size
9 x 13' stairs to 2nd Deck
9' x 13' deck size

9′ x 13′ decks:

An ready invitation (your stairs) into the privacy of your upstairs sanctuary. Pricing includes shipping, installation & dismantling on the show floor.

Questions? Feel free to ask!

9' x 13' Decks with upstairs Conference Room starting at $37,560

top view of Double deck exhibit rental
9' x 13' with Conference
9' x 13' New Double deck exhibit design with office
9' x 13' with Conference
9' x 13' Double deck with conference
9' x 13' with Conference

9′ x 13′ decks with Conference room

We anticipate that this size will be more popular than ever if the need to separate continues. Most Island rentals cost this more or much more but don’t have the advantage of an isolated conference area upstairs. 

13' x 13' Decks starting at $35,755

Top view of 13' x 13' double deck exhibit
New Lightbox Graphics or choose standard panels graphics
13 x 13 Double Deck Exhibit with Lightbox
13 x 13' Decks

13′ x 13′ decks

This upper deck has the same square footage as the 9′ x 17′. Choose standard upper panel graphics or our new lightboxes!

P.O.P. Exhibit Clients

Turnkey services! All you do is show up.

We help you with show orders like electrical. In fact, our Rental Checklist shows you the (3) things you need to do.

New Two Story Trade Show Booth
Double Deck Booth for PGA Show
  • Step #1: Either call or email us.
  • Step #2: We have many more designs. We’ll find the perfect size and fit for you.
  • Step #3: Leads to 4,5,6. We take the stress out of exhibiting!
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Have your best trade show ever! Call or email us today!

Trade show Exhibit Rental services in Las Vegas
Trade show Exhibit Rental services in Las Vegas

We’ve sold or rented exhibits to companies located in: Brazil, Canada, China, Guam, India, Italy, Japan and throughout Europe.

Clients include: Absolut Vodka, Alaska Air, Amazon.com, Behr Paint, British Air, Motorola, NASA, Pepsi, Twitch.tv and U.S. Departments of the Army, Homeland Security, and Interior.

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