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Double Deck Exhibit Rentals & Sales

Have your best (after coronavirus) trade show ever! Turnkey exhibit rentals In Las Vegas and other venues.

ASD Show at Westgate - Exhibit Rental
National Hardware ShowDouble Deck Exhibit Rentals
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First, a note regarding the coronavirus. We anticipate that the decision to commit to your upcoming trade show(s) is going to be more difficult than ever given the uncertainties and financial commitment. We are changing our deposit and refund policies so as to make your decision easier. Be sure and ask.

Is renting a Double Deck Exhibit more intimidating?

When do you know you’ve pulled it off?

It’s morning just before showtime. Your management team joins you on the upper deck of your exhibit, looks around and says to you: “Well done!” You have a brief moment to enjoy the feeling of success, satisfaction and readiness as the convention hall doors swing open.


Better keep an eye out though…

We did a search and found a good number of companies offering 2-Story Exhibits that haven’t been doing this for long. Can you tell which ones know what they’re doing? Your show regulations will require more if you rent a 2-Story Exhibit. One overlooked detail can mean your deck doesn’t go up. A lot of money is on the line. Sometimes jobs are on the line. We can help.

Bar & Night Club Double Deck Exhibit Rental
Double Deck Exhibit Rental
Cool Double Deck Exhibit Graphics

To insure you have a stress free show we developed a system…

5-Star Management System. This came about largely because of some early trouble. We converted a near disaster on our first Double Deck Exhibit project in 2008 into the extremely well oiled system we have today that tracks a project through all the show paperwork requirements and set-up regulations. Our Step-by-Step management system minimizes stress, assures that details are handled and it doesn’t stop until you’re upstairs with a happy boss.

What does 5-Star mean?

1. We stay on schedule, 2. We let you know what you need to do and keep you on schedule, 3. We build in “Final Checklist” redundancy. 4. We have backup plans. 5. We create the conditions that will allow you and upper management to feel relaxed and happy at showtime.


Our Exhibit Clients

Double decks made easy. What’s the first step?

  • Step #1: Call or email us.
  • Step #2: We’ll figure out a deck size based upon your booth space and budget.
  • Step #3: Leads to 3,4,5. We take the stress out of exhibiting!

Call 800-880-6498 

Answer: Is it intimidating? No, we do it right.

Whats next?

  • Step #1: Call or email us.
  • Step #2: We’ll figure out a deck size based upon your booth space and budget.
  • Step #3: Leads to 3,4,5. We take the stress out of exhibiting!

Call 800-880-6498 

For budgeting or design ideas, (8) Sample Deck Designs.

Have your best trade show ever! Call or email us today!

We’ve sold or rented exhibits to companies located in: Brazil, Canada, China, Guam, India, Italy, Japan and throughout Europe.

Clients include: Absolut Vodka, Alaska Air, Amazon.com, Behr Paint, British Air, Motorola, NASA, Pepsi, Twitch.tv and U.S. Departments of the Army, Homeland Security, and Interior.

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We're proud to have worked with:

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