So, You’re Looking to Increase Sales, but ……

Have you ever noticed that some people at trade shows haven’t grasped the fact that first impressions are lasting impressions? I’ve noticed sales representatives wearing, for instance, scuffed shoes or clothes that don’t seem to fit right. And while we all know that the energy you convey is a big part of success in any area of […]

Event Technology and ROI

Selecting the right technology for your trade show booth can be challenging. Everyone wants to appear to be on the leading edge of their industry or, at the very least, not far behind the leaders. We did a series of booth rentals for, including E-3 in Los Angeles, that were wired to the hilt […]

Exhibit Rentals for 2019: How to Assure Success

Are you gearing up for the new trade show season in 2019? CES in Las Vegas always kickstarts the season with a show opening that’s always within the first few days of the new year but if you reading this you’re probably thinking your first show. Word of advice. If you plan on booking an […]