Here’s the Thing about Double Deck Exhibits

Do you know that up until 2012 there were very few exhibit houses offering 2-Story Exhibits for sale and even fewer offering them as rentals. Much has changed and much has been written about Double Deck pros and cons over the last few years but as we get ready to enter 2019 let’s take a moment to review.

Been there done that.

Some of our clients rented a Double Deck and then decided to go back to renting a single level exhibit. One of the reasons for this has to do with weight, for the more an exhibit weighs the heavier the financial burden when it comes to the show imposed expense called Drayage. Multi-Story booth designs have to be structurally engineered so as to…. basically, be safe. This equates to more weight. Another reason might have to do with with space; if you’re able to secure a larger booth space you can spread out and negate the need for extra square footage upstairs. Marketing goals and the need for a different kind of presentation can play a role. Perhaps a large monitor and easily accessible seating are more important that a private conference area.

Double Deck Exhibit Rentals continue to be popular, however, due to a number of positives. There’s the exclusive feeling you get when you are sitting upstairs and sharing that may help in building one on one relationships. It can be relatively open or completely private. The surrounding walls provide tons of branding space as well as visibility from around the hall. The bottom line is that they are impressive, solid, visible and strong. If this is how you like to think of your company perhaps it’s time to move up.

Note: P.O.P. Exhibits Inc. has been offering decks since 2007.


How To Line up Prospects before your next Show

You’d be surprised at the percentage of companies whose trade show marketing plan consists of jumping on a plane and showing up for the show. Everyone knows that a little pre-show effort can enhance your efforts at the show regardless as to the product/service you are selling. So, why not do it?

One idea is to create contests and giveaways to gather attention online. Everyone loves winning something and by consistently running fun, low cost giveaways, you can build or increase your following. The idea is to focus less on what it is you’re giving away and more on how you’re getting people to participate. Try offering a contest entry in exchange for new customers/prospects liking your Facebook page or for existing customers to refer a friend.

What really makes sense is to carry the theme or concept into your Rental Booth Design.

So, You’re Looking to Increase Sales, but ……

Have you ever noticed that some people at trade shows haven’t grasped the fact that first impressions are lasting impressions? I’ve noticed sales representatives wearing, for instance, scuffed shoes or clothes that don’t seem to fit right. And while we all know that the energy you convey is a big part of success in any area of life, others will find a chair and slouch. What’s crazy is that according to research, 83% of marketers have said that increasing sales is the #1 reason for participating in the show in the first place, and 64% are looking for new prospects. If you’re an event coordinator in charge of a sales team, it might be worth laying down a few guidelines before leaving the home office. In a nutshell, it’s to look engaged and to be engaged.