So, You’re Looking to Increase Sales, but ……

Have you ever noticed that some people at trade shows haven’t grasped the fact that first impressions are lasting impressions? I’ve noticed sales representatives wearing, for instance, scuffed shoes or clothes that don’t seem to fit right. And while we all know that the energy you convey is a big part of success in any area of life, others will find a chair and slouch. What’s crazy is that according to research, 83% of marketers have said that increasing sales is the #1 reason for participating in the show in the first place, and 64% are looking for new prospects. If you’re an event coordinator in charge of a sales team, it might be worth laying down a few guidelines before leaving the home office. In a nutshell, it’s to look engaged and to be engaged.

Event Technology and ROI

Selecting the right technology for your trade show booth can be challenging. Everyone wants to appear to be on the leading edge of their industry or, at the very least, not far behind the leaders. We did a series of booth rentals for, including E-3 in Los Angeles, that were wired to the hilt with an 80” monitor, live “Shouters”, interactive kiosks for gamers and a hidden production room where it was all produced second by second by a media team from New York.

Twitch “Shouters” broadcasting live.

That sort of production is not common for most industries. It’s likely that when planning your next show the task will be easier. A common practice is to include a presentation area, for instance, with seating and a large screen or, alternatively, a series of smaller LCD’s to be used for one on one presentations. Lighting effects are worth exploring. Counters with built-in charging stations are available and serve as a convenience for visitors. In short, the effective use of technology and lead to improved communication and impact your overall success at your show.

When mentioning the combination of ROI and trade shows, do you know that research has shown that an astounding 80% of exhibitors never followup on their leads. What’s amazing about it is that not much has changed over the twenty four years that P.O.P. Exhibits Inc. has been in business. This suggests that you can go all out and invest in an “event technology solutions architect” to get help in figuring out the best way to spend your trade show resources, or you can direct your sales team to darn well follow up on their leads after the show. That’s not to say that a solutions architect won’t be a good idea. But the biggest thing you can do in the short term is to followup on your leads.

Exhibit Rentals for 2019: How to Assure Success

Are you gearing up for the new trade show season in 2019? CES in Las Vegas always kickstarts the season with a show opening that’s always within the first few days of the new year but if you reading this you’re probably thinking your first show.

Word of advice. If you plan on booking an Exhibit Rental for an upcoming show it will behoove you to get started as early as possible. It’s worth considering that the trade show companies doing the best work start getting busy during the latter half of November. It’s worth booking your space and getting on their calendar. Allow time to finalize graphic orders and other show details. By booking early you stack the odds in your favor and allow the wheels to start turning as far as the design team, the graphics department, your project manager and, finally, in the warehouse. All the hardware has to be pulled, packed and prepared to ship. A set up team has to, first of all, be available. For some shows, depending upon the venue, flights have to be scheduled and hotels booked. Last minute bookings open the door for mishaps somewhere in the process.

Book early and you’ll be a happier and more relaxed camper once the show starts.

Set-up for the U.S. Army in Washington D.C.