Renting a Double Deck Exhibit After Covid

So, it’s 2022 and you have a trade show scheduled for the fall and are wondering just how normal things are going to be. Well, you’re not alone. Those of us in the industry are taking steps to be ready for any of the possible new normals. Our focus at P.O.P. Exhibits Inc. is on turnkey rentals and exhibit sales so what this means for us is that we need to design for safe sales encounters. One example of that is shown here, a line drawing of a Two-Story booth. What you see is a sub-divided upper floor so that you can have multiple small group meetings going on at the same time. Downstairs, anywhere you see two vertical support beams we can install the same clear (or colored) plexiglas you’re seeing in stores for protection. In any case, one of the big advantages of Double Deck Exhibits has always been privacy. Now it just might be separation. 

New Two Story Trade Show Booth

Exhibit Rental Design: What’s New?

Exhibit Rentals Las Vegas Kit IS-218

Over the past couple months there’s been plenty of time (you’re not kidding) to do some of the quiet behind the scenes work that gets ignored when it’s busy. For us that’s meant working on some new trade show Exhibit Rental Designs for our rental program. We have new 10′ and 20′ linear designs, many with light-boxes, Island Exhibits and double decks. Not all of them have been posted yet but we do have PDF’s available. It makes it easier for you because rather than navigating through a website to find what you want you can open up a pdf and view designs, specs and pricing. Naturally, we’ll be happy to modify any of them. It’s only June but we’re kicking in gear!

The New Normal: 2020 Fall Trade Shows

Just a quick update to let you know that most of the 2020 Fall Trade Show lineup is still on schedule. You can rest assured, at P.O.P. Exhibits Inc., we are here to help with show planning, exhibit design and written proposals. We’ve been providing trade show displays and exhibits for 25 years and will continue to do so. And with renewed enthusiasm! Also, we understand that making a financial commitment to both a show and Exhibit Rental Company this early might be uncomfortable because of the threat of cancelation. We’ll work with you on that. We have a lot of rental products here on the website and also some easy to read rental PDF’S that we’ll be happy to send your way. Just contact us at a 800-880-6498 or at