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9 x 26 Double Deck Exhibit

Have Your Best Tradeshow ever! Turnkey exhibit rentals

Version A.

Double decker deck 9 x 26

Version A. cont.

Double decker exhibit
two story deck - sales & rentals

9' x 26' with bridge header

Rental Pricing from $54,500.00. Includes furnishings and railing graphics. $42,500.00 without graphics, accessories & furnishings.  Additional graphics are available. Purchase pricing from $112,250.00 w/o accessories.

This design takes our standard 13′ x 26′ deck and adds a header that extends out to fill the remaining booth space. The image shown is a 30×30 space, but the header could extend further to help fill a larger footprint. 

Additional branding can be added to virtually every surface.


Our Rental Checklist shows you the (3) things you need to do.

We developed our 5-Star Management System largely because of some early trouble. We converted a near disaster on our first Double Deck Exhibit project in 2008 into the extremely well oiled system we have today that tracks a project through all the show paperwork requirements and set-up regulations. Our step-by-step management system minimizes stress, assures that details are handled and it doesn’t stop until you’re upstairs with a happy boss.

Trade show Exhibit Rental services in Las Vegas

What does 5-Star mean?

1. We stay on schedule, 2. We let you know what you need to do and keep you on schedule, 3. We build in “Final Checklist” redundancy. 4. We have backup plans. 5. We create the conditions that will allow you and upper management to feel relaxed and happy at showtime.

Our Exhibit Clients

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    • 13′ x 26′ upper deck with meeting furniture
    • perimeter truss structure for added branding
    • reception counter
    • credenza
    • 3 rail mount sign frames with lights
    • 4 open shelving structures
    • lounge area downstairs
    • carpet upstairs (downstairs will be quoted based on your booth size) 
    • choice of vertical column color in-fills (standard choices are white, gray, black, red and blue)
    • ceiling with 20 telescopic lights
    • Installation & Dismantling
    • Shipping


  • Additional branding on the railing plexi, stairway plexi, stair-steps and on virtually all surfaces. 
  • Monitors up to 80”
  • Workstations
  • Display cases
  • Laptop/literature shelves
  • Custom Furnishings
  • Additional clamp-on lights
  • 9’ coffee bar
  • Overhead sign in various sizes and shapes
  • Customized flooring
  • Slatwall paneling and shelves

Not included

Drayage. This is a charge the show contractor charges to transport and store exhibit hardware.

Electrical order: You’ll place this through the show. A form should be in your show manual. It’s often labeled “FAQ sheet”.

Daily cleaning: This is optional, of course, but helps keep your booth looking fresh. We recommend it. This also is ordered through the show.

Rigging for overhead signs


We’ll provide upstairs furnishings as a part of the price and lots of options for the downstairs area.

The great thing is that we’ll store your graphics for free for use in your next show!


Turnkey services! All you do is show up.

  • Step #1: Call or email us.
  • Step #2: We’ll figure out a deck size based upon your booth space and budget.
  • Step #3: Leads to 3,4,5. We take the stress out of exhibiting!

Call 800-880-6498 

Have your best trade show ever! Call or email us today!

Trade show Exhibit Rental services in Las Vegas
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