So, it’s 2022 and you have a trade show scheduled for the fall and are wondering just how normal things are going to be. Well, you’re not alone. Those of us in the industry are taking steps to be ready for any of the possible new normals. Our focus at P.O.P. Exhibits Inc. is on turnkey rentals and exhibit sales so what this means for us is that we need to design for safe sales encounters. One example of that is shown here, a line drawing of a Two-Story booth. What you see is a sub-divided upper floor so that you can have multiple small group meetings going on at the same time. Downstairs, anywhere you see two vertical support beams we can install the same clear (or colored) plexiglas you’re seeing in stores for protection. In any case, one of the big advantages of Double Deck Exhibits has always been privacy. Now it just might be separation. 

New Two Story Trade Show Booth