5 Ways to Beat Tradeshow Fatigue: How to Survive and Thrive During Your Next Expo

Trade Show Fatigue. How do you handle it? Some exhibitors manage to do it somehow and are handsomely rewarded for their perseverance. We are referring to trade show exhibitors who somehow manage to stay up and energized for the entire event. They manage to shower everyone they meet with smiles, plaudits, and conversation because they know that each attendee could end being a solid lead and potentially a paying customer. So, if you want to join their ranks by beating tradeshow expo fatigue, read on.

  • Assemble a team you can trust: They less you will have to micromanage your team, the more you will be able to take breaks in order to refuel your energy cells. The same goes for your team members as well. If they have trust and confidence in each other they will also be able to take small breaks secure in the knowledge that the others have their back.
  • Take those breaks: Many tradeshows and exhibits last all day. That means hours of standing on your feet, walking around, performing demonstrations and engaging people in conversation. If you are on a conference floor, take an occasional break when you feel yourself tiring. Just be careful to walk away from your station to take your break.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: Woman especially make the mistake of wearing shows that are uncomfortable, e.g., heels. This is a rookie mistake. Wear shows that look stylish but that you can walk around in all day. Men should buy shoes that are broken in and are comfortable as well. Finally, make sure that your entire outfit is comfortable too.
  • Stay on the move: Get up and move around occasionally to keep the blood circulating and your interest from waning. This will not only help you keep from drifting off but it will also give attendees the impression that you are energetic and ready to engage with them.
  • Design your booth with care: The quality of your stand makes a huge impact on your overall appearance and performance at any trade show or exposition. A well designed exhibition will help you attract more customers and it will help you combat fatigue. We have taken both these factors into consideration when designing our 10×20 trade show booth. Our custom trade show exhibits will help give you an edge over your competitors and make a great overall impression on potential leads which can be nearly anyone at such events.

Above all, remember to have fun. You will find that your general attitude will also go a long way towards keeping your energy levels up.   

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