6 Reasons Your Trade Show Appearance was not Successful

Lead generation, greater brand awareness, and heighted sales are benefits that all businesses hope to reap from their trade show appearance. However, if you haven’t reaped any of these benefits from your last trade show appearance then it may be time to do some serious soul searching. Let’s explore some common reasons your trade show appearances have been less than successful so that you can avoid making the same mistakes at your next event.

  • Your booth looks cheesy: If you have decided to put your business in front of the public and compete with other brands then you might as well go all in. Make sure that you get the best booth that you afford and take some time to prepare it for visitors so that it does not look cluttered and unkempt. We have a 10×10 booth rental that will make visitors stop and pay serious attention to your business.
  • You’re sending the wrong people to work your booth: Make sure that hire the right people to work the event. Your employees should be dependable, hard-working and have an eagerness to engage with others. Finally, make sure that the people you do hire are properly trained and have memorized all the details about your company
  • Lack of preparation: Trade show appearances are not something that you can improvise at the last moment. They take much of preparation such as training your staff, sending out press releases, preparing your graphics and materials, etc. Also, make sure that you and your staff get enough rest before the show before begins.
  • Not following up with your contacts in a timely manner: Capturing a lead is the beginning not the end of the sales process. Once you have captured a lead, make sure to contact them immediately after the event and remind them about your company. Contact your leads using phone calls or by sending newsletter, emails, etc.
  • Selecting the wrong trade show: Make sure that the show you attend directly pertains to your product or service. If you do not then you are wasting time and money and lowering your ROI.
  • Failing to communicate benefits: Remember to communicate quickly and concisely what your product or service can/will do for your visitors. After all, you will have little time to pitch your potential client moves on to another exhibitor. 

In short, if your trade show appearances have not exactly been stellar it is not too late to change it. Follow the above advice and look at each exhibit as a new challenge. We can help you to make your presentation look more polished with our trade show exhibit rental in Los Angeles. We have displays that will attract visitors. The rest is up to you.   

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