6 Tricks to Writing Post-Tradeshow Emails

You can bet that the trade show in which you recently appeared hosted many others companies. It is also a sure thing that the crowds there saw dozens of product demos and chatted with more sales reps than they can probably remember. But in order to stand out and prosper you must make your company stand out. You have to be able to follow up with the contacts you did make at your trade show appearance so that you can refresh their memories about your fantastic product or service. Or else what was the point of your appearance? Here’s how you can stand out from the crowd by following up your leads with great emails:

  • Start preparing for follow-ups before the exhibit ends: This way the information you gathered from your leads will be accurate and complete. Do so by taking careful notes from your guests about their contact into, their impressions, etc. This will improve the sales process and make your leads feel valued.
  • Use personalization: Another reason that you should start composing your email before the exhibit ends is so you can have enough information to make your correspondence personal. Include in our email the person’s contact information such as their name, phone number, etc. Also, identify the show you attended as this may not be the only show the lead visited.
  • Follow-up in a timely manner: Send your follow up emails out no later than one to two days after the event. Do this so that your email will be fresh in the minds of your leads.
  • Drive your reader to act: You did all your promotion at the event your company attended. Take this opportunity to motivate the reader to visit your website, take advantage of a special trade show attendee promotion, etc.
  • Keep it short and sweet: Your lead may have many other emails to sift through about the exhibit you attended and others. Therefore, you should try to keep your email short, sweet and to the point. If you have trouble doing this there are several templates on the Internet that you can use.
  • Request a follow-up chat: Keep the conversation going by encouraging your potential leads to contact you via email or on your site.

Remember that emails are the easiest and potentially most profitable way to follow up on trade show leads. They are relatively inexpensive and can even help generate more leads. You can also make an impression on potential customers with our custom trade show exhibits and our 10×20 trade show booth. They can make your company stand out in a sea of exhibitors.

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