Tips for Writing the Perfect Trade Show Press Release

Unless you want your trade show appearance to fly in under the radar – and why would you? – then it will probably be a good idea to promote it in some manner. You could leave that up to the company hosting the event but that would not be very wise. After all, they will be ill-equipped to focus on just one exhibitor. The best way you can alert people of your attendance at the event is by sending out a press release shortly before your appearance. With this in mind, here are some tips for writing a press release that will create buzz about your trade show appearance.

  • Determine your company’s audience: Are you trying to attract the attention of the general public or are you going after a niche market? Determine who you want to show up for your exhibit before you write or hire someone else to write a single word of copy.
  • Write an attention-grabbing headline: Title space real estate is precious. (Ideally, it should be between 65 to 80 characters long.) Don’t squander it by skipping over the most exciting and important details about the event and your appearance. Moreover, be sure that the length of your title not only titillates the public but that it is search engine friendly. This will allow it to be shared on social media sites and other online outlets. Finally, it may be helpful to write your headline after you have written the rest of your press release first.
  • Use keywords: Speaking of being search engine friendly, it is also a good idea to use carefully researched keywords in your press release. This will help with search engine ranking and it will help the people who are looking for your product or services find you easier.
  • Keep it short and concise: Speaking of titillation, the more mystery you leave for your readers while still giving them the basic information you need the more likely they will be to seek you out among the other exhibitors.
  • Don’t forget to include your contact information: Include your company’s name, telephone number, website address, the main contact person and email address. This way the public will have no problem reaching out to you for more information about your product and/or services.

A way to make your exhibit stand out at the exhibit once you have reached your audience is with one of our custom trade show exhibits. Our 10×20 trade show booth, for example, can make your company stand out among the other exhibitors who will be clamoring for an audience. With our exhibits and a well written press release you will be able to give your company the exposure that it deserves.