Designing an effective 20×20 trade show booth is one of the most important things you can do for your next show. Your exhibit design should reflect your companies goals for that show while also being inviting, commanding attention and being informative. Below are some tips for creating a design that’s more effective with examples of some of our 20×20 trade show booth designs designs. 

Stand out from the competition

Since you’re competing with hundreds of other companies selling similar products, it’s imperative that your design showcase your product effectively. Clear and concise graphics that are informative but not overwhelming are a must. Finding creative ways to incorporate tangible products that show attendees can see and interact with is also a great way to showcase your brand. 

Trade show Exhibit Rental services in Las Vegas

This booth is a great one for displaying product while still providing space for eye-catching graphics. The counters provide ample surface space for product demos. Storage can be added as well for additional functionality. 

Open Space

You want visitors to feel free to walk in and out of your 20×20 trade show booth. By eliminating barriers on all or most sides, potential customers will be more attracted to your space. You want to create a welcoming and approachable space where visitors can come and go with ease. 

Trade show Exhibit Rental services in Las Vegas

This booth showcases open space nicely with workstations scattered but still leaving plenty of open space on every side. The booth is free of clutter but still informative with the demo workstations with graphics on the backside.

Experiential Marketing

What is it? Experiential marketing is achieved by creating a memorable experience of your company including some interactive elements in your space. This type of marketing generates excitement and brand loyalty. People remember good experiences, so creating something interactive is a great way to make an impression. 

engaging visitors at trade show

Keep it simple

You have only seconds to grab the attention of passers-by, so keep things simple by only showcasing what’s most important to your brand in your 20×20 trade show booth. Simplicity is appealing. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when entering a cluttered space, and overwhelmed isn’t the feel you’re going for! Look for furnishings that are inviting, relaxing, and encourage visitors to stay a while (think charging tables!). The longer visitors want to hang out, the more time your staff has to talk up your brand and find you quality leads.

Kit Is- 211 island booth design