6 Tips for Creating Dazzling Trade Show Graphics

Want to really make an impact at your next trade show? Of course you do. Well, one of the best ways to do this – aside from purchasing our 10×20 trade show booth – is to create a stunning graphic display that captures the attention of your target audience. Done correctly, such a presentation can make your display the hit of the trade show. Done sloppily and people will pass your display without even breaking their stride. In this post, we offer six tips for creating memorable and attention-grabbing trade show booth graphics to help you exhibit better at your next trade show.

  • Don’t forget your logo and brand: Your logo or name should be the first thing that visitors notice about your display. Make sure it appears at the upper portion of your display.
  • Hire a graphic designer who understands trade show graphic design: Most trade show exhibitors do not understand what it takes to design a truly attention getting display. If your budget allows it, hire a professional to design the graphics for our display. Take advantage of this fact and invest in a designer who will know how to wow the crowd.
  • Don’t get too fancy with fonts: Don’t forget that the main thing about your display is that it must be readable. Don’t get so set on using showy fonts that your display becomes hard to understand. Otherwise, visitors may simply go on to the next exhibitor’s display.
  • Use color wisely: Just the right amount and combination of colors can create an awesome experience for visitors to your display; too much color can disorient viewers.
  • Add a tagline: Incorporate a tagline into your graphics display. Make sure that this tagline succinctly describes what your company can do for potential customers.
  • Use high quality sharp images: Blurry, poor quality images look amateurish and will reflect poorly on your company. Also, you will likely have competition who will know how to effectively use images in their display. Use high quality images to capture the attention of attendees.

Finally, making your graphics display stand out among a sea of competing displays is a matter of consistency and hard work. This will help you boost your brand and let potential customers know about your mission. Our custom trade show exhibits will help your display stand out as well.   

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