Though sometimes seen as a dying industry, trade shows in reality are as popular as ever. Furthermore, they have the potential to be more valuable than online marketing… if you know what you’re doing.

Below are just a few of the benefits of trade shows that online marketing can’t provide. 

Quality leads:

Over 90% of trade show attendees are there to learn about new services and products in your companies industry. Those of us who’ve done online marketing know that lead quality MATTERS, and the leads acquired at trade shows are on average more valuable.

One-on-one interactions:

In a world being taken over by the internet and social media, sometimes we forget the value of face-to-face marketing. The connection you can make with someone in person far exceeds any made by email and phone calls. Personal connection is important and that won’t change anytime soon.

Industry Connection:

When you attend your industries trade show, everything is concentrated in that location. No matter your goals there will be something of value for you to gain from attending. Whether it’s access to prospective clients, industry announcements, or news of upcoming trends, there’s something in it for even small companies just starting out.

But if it’s your first show, how will you stand out? 

How to stand out at a trade show

Firstly, do some research before the show. Figure out what your core audience will be, what the competition will look like, and what type of attendees to expect. You’ll be better able to target your marketing efforts if you know your audience well. 

Network and utilize social media before the show. Leading up to the event spend some time talking to people in your industry and don’t forget to followup when the show is over. Pick up your social media activity before the event. Create some hype around a new announcement, product launch, or special opportunity happening at the trade show. Make sure to include your booth number in your posts along with the times any special giveaways will be happening. 

Choose good signage. Choose colors and fonts that match your brand but will also stand out. You’ll be competing with hundreds of competitors and don’t want your brand to get lost! If you’re in an island space consider adding an overhead hanging sign. You want your attendees to be able to find you easily as navigating large shows can be daunting. Make sure you’re as easy to spot as possible!

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example of a circular overhead hanging sign

Consider a giveaway. Giveaways are a must at marketing events. They naturally attract people walking by who may not otherwise stop at your booth and attract buzz throughout the show. The giveaway you choose will largely depend on your budget. The key is to find something original that people actually want or need. You can either find a unique promotional product to brand and plan to give away a LOT of them, or spend your giveaway budget on a nicer item and have visitors enter to win. The right giveaway has the potential to create a ton of buzz around your booth, so give it some thought and promote it!

With a little planning and help from a quality exhibit manufacturer, we’re confident you’ll be able to stand out and gain some quality leads from your first show. We at P.O.P. Exhibits Inc. do our best to make the process of exhibiting as easy as possible. Our exhibit rental program includes logistics as well as I & D so that you’re able to just show up and focus on what matters. Give us a call to learn more about our exhibit rental program! (800) 880-6498