If you’re looking into getting started with trade shows or conventions, you likely already know a bit about how industry events and how they could help your company. There’s a good reason why conventions happen and continue to be a good marketing strategy. Attending your industries trade show has the potential to increase your business, but there are many factors to consider before getting your foot in the door.

Firstly, Talk to Others Who Have Attended

Odds are you know others in the same industry as yourself. If not, you can always reach out on industry forums or social media to get opinions on the regular conventions for your industry. If there’s more than one, figure out which will give YOUR company the best ROI considering your budget and objectives.

How long has the show been around?

If it’s your first show, you should plan to attend an event that’s well established and well known in your industry. While new conventions sometimes offer discounts that allow you to get better space for less money, save these for later. Get a few events under your belt before taking a risk on a new show that might have less traffic.

Will There Be Additional Smaller Networking Events?

Conventions can provide a lot more than just potential customers. Oftentimes larger events will have other extraneous networking events you can attend. At these events you’ll be able to potentially find new employees, get fresh business ideas, and find new partnerships and suppliers. Take a look at these extra events before you commit to attending a show. 

How much traffic can I expect?

Whether it’s a huge event with thousands attending or a smaller convention, you want to know in advance what to expect. Ask the shows organizers for historical data from previous years that shows how many attendees can be expected. A lot of time and money goes into organizing your trade show debut between travel expenses for your team, your exhibit, show expenses, and merchandise. Make sure enough traffic is expected to make it all worthwhile!

Can you get a good location on the show floor?

Location, location, location! It makes all the difference in real estate as well as convention halls. It’s often the exhibitors with the best locations that reap the most success from the show. Talk to the show organizers before you begin planning to lock down the best spot for your budget. Aim for a main aisle or near an entrance where you’ll be difficult to miss. 

Minimizing risk

What if you prepare as much as possible but it’s still a bust? Purchasing an exhibit space PLUS an exhibit is expensive. An exhibit rental can provide you with just as much flexibility as a custom purchase for likely about 1/3 of the price. If the convention goes well and you’d like to purchase the exhibit afterward that’s always an option! We have a number of pre-designed 10×10 exhibit rentals as well as 10×20 exhibit rentals to choose from. All designs can be fully customized to meet your specific needs. We’ll also help walk you through the planning process by helping you fill out show order forms. You’ll also have the benefit of an experienced EAC handling your installation & dismantling for you.