Why you should hire an EAC

What is an EAC?

An Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) is a team of professional installers you hire who make sure your exhibit is installed safely and (hopefully) cost-effectively. They’re also able to handle tear down for you, making sure it’s crated carefully for shipping back to your or your hired companies exhibit storage facility. 

What an EAC does:

The EAC works for you, allowing you to have more control over your labor costs. If you get an exhibit rental through us, for example, we guarantee our labor costs so that you have no surprise labor charges after the show. This is a huge relief to many exhibitors who have experienced headaches in the past either doing their own set up, or hiring a company who’s inexperienced with their exhibit system. You also save yourself the stress and sweat equity that goes into set up and tear down.

At many shows you have the option of hiring their in-house General Contractor (GC). These might be perfectly fine, however they’re often temp-hire labor teams that will end up having little accountability to you. They very likely have no idea how to set up your display, and will be relying entirely on the set up instructions that they haven’t had time to review prior to arriving. Not to mention, with a tight schedule they’re often under pressure to finish as quickly as possible. In our experience it’s preferable to hire your own team that you trust. 

A professional EAC team will get to know your booth ahead of time. They’ll be able to review the set up instructions to make sure everyone is familiar with the system. This will make install and dismantle go much more quickly, saving you money! 

Benefits of hiring an EAC team:

  • They know your exhibit system and have reviewed set up instructions and photos prior to set up. EACs are usually full-time employees that are skilled in the exhibit industry. 
  • They communicate with you through the process. Your contact us reachable during set up to provide updates.
  • If questions do arise, they contact you quickly.
  • They provide guaranteed pricing, or guarantee their price to be within certain parameters. If it’s a skilled team they should be confident in predicting the time and associated labor costs needed. 
  • Because of the guaranteed pricing provided, you won’t be blindsided with overage expenses that you weren’t made aware of.
  • They want to make sure the process goes as seamlessly as possible for you. They work for YOU, not the show.

It’s worth it to you to take the time to hire an experienced EAC. Inexperienced show workers can end up causing costly damage to your purchased booth. After investing so much money, time and energy into your display it’s just not worth the risk. Take the time to find and hire the best EAC crew you can to help make your show go seamlessly.