Furnishing your booth is often one of the last steps in a booths design, but the importance of choosing your furniture shouldn’t be overlooked or left to the last minute! The furniture chosen should correlate directly with your overall objectives for your space. It’s very important to think about those goals before committing to furnishings. For example, if you want a more formal business atmosphere then meeting tables and chairs are a good choice. On the other hand if you want your guests to lounge for a while, create a comfortable space with lounge furniture and charging stations for their devices. 

Purchasing furniture is always an option if you use the same design over and over. However, there are many benefits to renting your trade show furniture instead. Here are a few!

Benefits of renting furniture

What will it cost?

That depends. If your companies needs are fairly simple you’ll likely be able to use standard rental furniture. Standard furniture can typically be rented from the show or it can be added to a rental order through us. While standard furniture has a cheaper price tag, there are fewer options so the look will be pretty basic. Of course if you’re willing to pay a bit more, custom furnishings will provide a ton more options, allowing you to dazzle your attendees with your trendy style and memorable spaces. 

Some examples of trade show rental furniture:

Trade show furnishings - P.O.P. Exhibits Inc.
These are all standard furnishings!
Kitchen Show Two-Story Exhibit Upstairs View
These chairs and coffee tables are custom

No matter what type of furniture you fill your space with, the important thing is that it matches the feel of your design. By incorporating furniture that matches your aesthetic, you’ll be able to create an inviting space that will be memorable to those who visit your booth.