Attending trade shows is a great way to network, gain more visibility and meet potential customers. Whether you’re a seasoned trade show vet or starting trade show marketing for the first time, you’re likely contemplating how to turn more of your visitors into paying customers. The following tips will help you learn how to effectively show off your business and attract visitors who are more likely to convert to long-lasting clients.

Show placement

Research has shown that people are more likely to remember the first and last words when trying to recall a group of names or items they’ve been given. Therefore, if your booth is positioned near the entrance or exit they may be more likely to remember your company after the dust from the show has settled. If you’re able to choose your location, this can give you an immediate leg up and help you make a great first (or last) impression.

Identify your ideal customers and invite them

If you have a contact list of potential clients, send them a professional email letting them know you’ll have a booth at an upcoming show and would love for them to stop by to see what you can offer them. An incentive for the first 10-50 visiting customers such as a promotional item or discount can be a great way to draw people in early, as well as help insure you receive some immediate business following the show.

Have a well-trained, friendly employees staffing your booth

No matter how great your product, the perception of your company can easily be ruined by a cold, inexperienced or unconfident employee. Make sure your staff is prepared, well rested, and ready to address any questions your prospective clients might have. People are much more likely to remember your company if they left your booth feeling like their time was valued and their questions answered. Don’t let a inexperienced staff ruin your image! Bring only the best to represent your company.

A Welcoming and Interactive Booth

Keep your decorations simple, informative and eye-catching. Clean surfaces, easy-to-read graphics, good lighting and a few plants can go a long way in creating an inviting space for your visitors. Choose colors that match the mood you’d like to convey. Appropriate sizing is another important factor to consider. You’ll need room to display product, have presentations, conduct meetings or all of the above while maintaining a comfortable flow within your space. Sometimes the best way to make a sale is to let your product speak for itself. Give your visitors time to explore the product while you supervise and answer their questions.

Follow up after the show

You can request email addresses during the trade show then send your visitors an email or two afterward to remind them about your product. You could create a survey requesting their feedback on their experience which could act both as a followup and a way for you to gain valuable information to use at future shows. Just make sure you don’t send them emails that could be mistaken for spam! If the show was small enough and the number of potential clients isn’t overwhelming, consider personalizing your emails a bit. There’s a reason that trade shows are still around in our increasingly digital world. People value human face-to-face interaction and personal connections. Make sure your prospective client knows that you still value them after the show is over!