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10 x 10 Exhibit Rentals

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There’s a lot that can be done with a 10 x 10 Exhibit Rental despite the obvious size limitations. For instance, if you’re company is just starting out, a smaller booth may be the most economical but you’ll still be able to have first class design plus functionality and style. We’ll work with you to create an eye-catching 10 x 10 that will help you stand out at your show!

About Our 10 x 10 Exhibit Rental Program​

Pricing includes Installation & Dismantling. Our 10 x 10 Exhibit Rental program is designed to make your life easy and exhibiting affordable. We’ll walk you through the design process, help with show paperwork, produce booth graphics, ship to and from the convention center and handle installation and dismantling. More information below!

Cities we service

You can rent the same booth in multiple venues for the same price. We service the cities of Anaheim, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco on the west coast and Orlando in the east. Ask about shows in other cities. Upon request, we’ll store your graphics in between shows free of charge so that you can save money the next time around. 

We now rent fully customizable wall systems! Designs include backlit workstation bases, tapered laminate counters and much more. 

We have some great pre-designed exhibits


You can request alterations!



as low as $2,435.00

as low as $2,170.00

as low as $2,970.00

as low as $2,590.00

as low as $2,195.00


as low as $2,662.00

All rentals include

Don’t see something you like? We’re happy to create a custom design based on your needs! Let’s talk about your project. 

Some great reasons to rent:

Save Money

  • Save on shipping- we’ll handle this for you
  • If you re-use the same exhibit rental for multiple shows, we can store your graphics for free, saving you on storage and reproduction costs
  • Save on labor- our pros can set up your booth quickly and efficiently. Often before you even arrive at the show!
  • Save on storage- purchased booths need to be stored somewhere between shows. With a rental, however, you get to just walk away after the show!

Increase Comfort

  • Attending your first trade show? If so, purchasing a booth can be overwhelming. Renting your booth allows you to test the waters to see if trade shows are going to help your business and be worth the investment.
  • Our knowledgeable staff are able to help solve problems that can arise on the show floor. Sometimes things come up that are out of anyones control. Having someone with experience and tools to help can make a huge difference.

Save Time

  • Your time is valuable! Don’t waste it having to figure out for yourself how to arrange things like booth transportation, show orders, installation and dismantling, etc. Trade shows can be confusing and frustrating (sometimes even for the pros!). Our knowledgeable staff can help walk you through your questions.
  • Oftentimes, our staff is able to set up your booth before you’ve even arrived. This means you can just show up and begin prepping for the show!


  • If your booth size changes from show to show, purchasing a booth doesn’t always make sense. We can customize your rentals for each show so that your look is always fresh.
  • No need to worry about your booth getting worn out. Our rentals are inspected regularly and broken parts replaced so that your rental always looks new.
  • We can store your graphics for FREE between shows if you choose to re-use the same design. Saving you reproduction costs! 

Rental Terms & FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

All of our rental prices include shipping to and from the show venue, set up and dismantle labor unless otherwise noted. 

Payment is due 35 days prior to the set up date with 10% down to reserve. Orders placed less than 35 days in advance require a 100% deposit. Unpaid quotes will not be shipped or set up. 

For balances less than $10k, we accept credit cards. For payments exceeding 10k, we accept overnighted checks (with tracking) and wire transfers. Please make any necessary arrangements to have the payment received on or before the due date to avoid delaying production. 

The areas covered in posted retail pricing are:

California- San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Anaheim

Las Vegas, NV

Chicago, IL

Orlando, FL

But we travel! Other cities may require an out-of-standard-venue fee. A typical out-of-standard-venue fee is $2,000-$5,000 and varies on location.

The time required to complete your project is 30 days from start date, which is determined by receipt of your signed quote and payment. Orders received with less than 30 days until set up are subject to a 25% rush fee. Less than 7 days from set up is subject to a 40% rush fee. 

The majority of cost of any project is represented in labor and shipping. Once the order ships, payment is non-refundable. Orders canceled before the booth ships are subject to labor charges associated with initiating your order. Terms are stated on the proposal. 

The exhibitor must notify Show Management (through the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Form” or “Non-Official Contractor Form” found in the show manual) that P.O.P. Exhibits Inc (or one of it’s partners/suppliers) has been chosen as the Installation and dismantle contractor. This notification is usually required 30 days in advance of the set up dates (please check your manual as some shows require more time). Check with your P.O.P. representative prior to filling out the EAC to ensure the information is accurate.

We accept .tif, .psd, .ai, and .indd. Provide native or layered files with resources linked, whenever possible. Please make sure to convert fonts to outline, and if providing native ai, LINK any raster images so we can check resolution. Raster images should be kept between 100-200 DPI original resource at print size. All graphic sizes provided are cut sizes. Please refer to our “Art Guidelines” for details on how to set up your files. We will send you the art guidelines when your order is initiated.

If you need help with design or file preparation, design time is billed at $100/hr. Please let us know ASAP if you will need help. We cannot guarantee that our design team will have time to help on short notice.

Graphic files can be uploaded HERE

The client is responsible for any damages to rental units that occur after the display has been installed and prior to being dismantled. Sticky-back Velcro and other adhesives applied to our products will result in a cleaning fee.

We do our best to set up on the 1st day of load-in but due to various factors, that isn’t always possible. While it is our mission to have you set up and ready to go as soon as possible, we can only guarantee that it will be set up 12 hours before show start.

You must file an “Exhibitor Appointed Contractor” (EAC) form with the show (Sometimes called “Non-Official Contractor” form). This form tells the show that you are designating us as your install/dismantle contractor. Once you send a copy of the completed EAC form to the show and to us (or the partner/suppler we designate), we can apply for a Certificate of Insurance which the show will require from us. This process can take 7-10 days and must be done before the show deadlines.

This is determined on a show to show basis and also depends on when the booth is ordered. It is our preference to ship to advance warehouse whenever possible.

Yes, but in many cases, our technicians cannot install the lights due to labor unions in certain cities. Electrical labor is not included in the quote and must be ordered separately from the show. We’re happy to help you fill out your electrical order if you need assistance. 

We will need files 15 working days (3 weeks) before the show. After that, there may be rush charges and we cannot guarantee delivery in time for your set up. If more time is needed, talk to your representative about your timeline and the potential production/shipping rush charges and risks associated with delaying graphic production.

No, we can only install graphics made for our exhibiting systems. Our systems are proprietary and only our graphics are made to spec for our booths.

You own your graphics after the show. You have 3 options for them:

  1. Trash them if you can’t use them again
  2. We can ship them to your facility. Provide your rep with your shipping account info (UPS/FedEx) and we can have them shipped back to you after the show.
  3. Let your project manager know you’d like to re-use them in the future and we’ll store them for you, free of charge! 

Just let your representative know that you would like them kept. Otherwise, 

New Policy on graphics that are direct to print on sintra:

If your graphics are direct-to-print on sintra: to ensure that your graphics don’t get damaged in our warehouse and during shipping, we need to create a custom crate to store them after the show. If you would like these graphics stored, there will be a one time $450 “crate fee.” We need to know at least 2 weeks in advance so that a crate can be built and shipped to your show. If storage isn’t requested, solid panel graphics will be destroyed after the show.

Absolutely! Most of the projects we do have some custom elements. There will be an up-charge for custom elements as the kits shown are provided at a discounted rate. 

We ask for copies so that if delays occur on the show floor, our team can take the orders to exhibitor services and get the issues resolved as quickly as possible. This is especially helpful if our client isn’t present for set up.

Drayage (aka Material Handling) is the cost of show services associated with moving materials from the advance warehouse to the show and from the show floor to the loading dock for shipment. The cost is determined by weight, billed $/100lbs. Typical costs range from $90-$150/100lbs depending on location.

Drayage is a cost that we don’t have any control over as pricing varies greatly from city to city. Some exhibit companies mark up the cost of drayage in order to provide all-inclusive pricing to their clients. We prefer to give you the best price possible but will do our best to provide you with the approximate weight of your exhibit so that your drayage bill can be estimated for your budgeting purposes. 

You will order electrical services through the show. There is typically a discounted rate for ordering early (usually a month or more in advance). We will provide you with a top view of your booth showing recommended electrical drop locations. Additional electric drops can be ordered (at the non-discounted price) at the show if more are needed.

Rigging can be ordered through the show. We require a copy of the rigging order so that our set up team knows when they’re coming. We will provide any specs needed about the sign for the paperwork and can provide height recommendations upon request.

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