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Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Exhibit Rentals
We provide turnkey exhibit rentals across the USA. Installation, Dismantling & shipping included! We'll walk you through the process.
Exhibit Rentals
Double Decks
We've been an industry leader in providing impressive double decks since 2008. We have a wide selection of sizes with pricing available.
Double Deck Sizes & Pricing
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A little about us:

P.O.P. Exhibits Inc. provides a comprehensive list of products and services. Established in 1995, the company has continued to evolve as evidenced by a varied account list of leading companies in a wide array of industries. We’re familiar with exhibit design that focuses upon software, hardware, giftware, media and, in all likelihood, a company like yours.

Over the years we’ve done a bit of everything, but our focus lately has been on creating an industry leading Exhibit Rental program. We provide rentals for every size booth imaginable- 10x10s to huge Double Deck Exhibits! Rentals have come a LONG way over the years. No longer are you locked into a specific design. Our system is completely modular, which gives you flexibility to create the exact display you need at every show.

When you rent from us we’ll walk you through the whole process start to finish. We’ll begin by discussing and nailing down your design. Our design team will create renderings showing exactly what your booth will look like. We’ll then help you with show paperwork and provide recommendations when needed. We’ll handle shipping, installation, dismantling, and post show logistics so that you’re able to just show up and enjoy your show. 

P.O.P. Exhibits Inc. was one of the first exhibit companies to begin providing Double Deck Exhibits back in 2007, and it shows in our Portfolio. Over the past 10 years Double Deck Exhibits have become more and more common at large shows and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. There are a TON of benefits to having a Double Deck: private meeting space, extra branding, added visibility, and the all-important wow-factor when visitors pass by.

Right now we offer over a dozen (and counting!) Double Deck kits with turnkey rental pricing. When you rent from us we’ll provide you with show paperwork help as well as handle shipping, installation and dismantling. Renting Double Decks is a great option for many companies who would rather not deal with storage costs, however purchasing is also an option for all of our decks. 

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View our pre-designed trade show booth rental kits below. All designs can be customized to suite your needs. 

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Our goal is to provide you with a first class exhibit regardless of budget. That’s another way of saying we take great pride in our work.  We are known in our industry as being competitive enough that we are frequently hired by other exhibit companies as sub-contractors. 

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